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My love for Pomeranians began in 1979 when I received my first Pomeranians. She was black and tan, the most loving little pet I could ever dream of. I didn't stop there though; soon afterwards I made a few more additions to the family by getting a white male and an orange sable female. If you have a Pomeranian you will know exactly what I'm talking about, there is no such thing as too many of these beautiful creations.

They creep into your heart and before you know it they become a part of you. Then I saw parti-poms and chocolate poms on the internet one day and just knew I wouldn't stop until I had some of my own too. This process isn't very easy, especially living in South Africa where these types of poms are unavailable. But thanks to two very professional and special breeders from the United States, Dianne Finch (Finch Pomeranians) and Anne Innman (Anne's Pomeranians), I was able to fulfil my dream of having my very own Chocolate, parti's and even tri-colour Pomeranina bundles of joy.

My long term dream has always been to show my babies and possibly have champions one day, with my imported thorough breed bloodlines, I have no doubt this dream will soon come true too. Having a pom is such a wonderful gift, take it from someone wo has been blessed with them for the last 30+ years. They need special care and love, which comes naturally once they�ve melted your heart with their abundance of cuteness and love. All my dogs including puppies are KUSA registered and Micro chipped. The kennels with runways measure 2m wide by 12m long, completely fenced with a cemented roofed section and grass where they can run and play securely in the summer days. We also have a nursery where we keep expecting soon moms and moms who have already had their puppies.

Don't wait too long to get your own Pom... It is a decision that you won't regret! 

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